Shannon Cain


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I want to remind you that Shannon Cain is a two-word synonym for badass mamba jamba. She'll take your work on its own terms and help you make it better, which is why you should take her online writing workshop. You have enough booze and shoes, so kick a few bucks in the direction of your writing. You won't regret it.

Kara Waite

MFA University of Arizona

Shannon Cain's online postgraduate fiction workshop gave me the things I've been lacking since receiving my MFA: the focused attention of a group of sympathetic but tough-minded peers, a forum for considering and discussing our shared literary concerns, problems, obsessions, and the chance to muck around in, and learn from, the inner workings of other people's works in progress. Not to mention the thing I may have needed most -- deadlines. Shannon's deep reading and margin comments were first rate and tremendously helpful in my revisions. Participating in the workshop pushed me into new territory beyond the safe terrain of my thesis stories.

Helen Hooper

MFA Warren Wilson College

2011-2013 Stegner Fellow

I just finished a workshop with Shannon Cain and Robin Black. A hugely rewarding experience. Need feedback? Sign up! I can't recommend it enough.

Kate Milliken

MFA Bennington College

2013 University of Iowa John Simmons Short Fiction Award

Thorough in her criticism but always encouraging, Shannon Cain's insightful advice helped me develop my germ of a first draft into a prize-winning story. Her enthusiasm for the craft and for her students’ success is palpable.

Kimberly Jakubowski

Undergraduate creative writing major

Arizona State University

I'm not an easy student. I often have a tough time understanding complex ideas and need them explained to me over and over in different ways. Shannon Cain has been perfect for me. Her knowledge and love of writing is immediately evident. She has an unreal amount of patience, and has always treated my work as a process, not a product. She seems to relish in the challenge of having to describe good writing in different ways. And I have always felt with her that the effort I put into my writing affords me the right to have potential. I've studied with Shannon in both group and one-on-one workshops -- including two manuscript reviews. It's been a master class, all of it. I highly, highly recommend working with her! Please be in touch if you have questions.

Rabbi Josh Burrows

I’m writing fiction again, thanks to Shannon Cain’s online master class in fiction writing. Shannon keeps serious writers writing. (And thinking)

Deborah Fries

Former Poet Laureate, Montgomery County PA

Shake it up. Recharge. Deepen your understanding. Tell the truth. Meet your deadlines. Be wowed by your friends. Shannon is a workshop master, seriously. She sets the tone, keeps us on track, zeroes in on craft issues - sign up now...and again, and again.

Larissa Amir

MFA Warren Wilson College

Shannon Cain is bright and brilliant and so helpful. Her feedback on my novel-in-progress was spot on. She was like a road map, the good kind. She helped me see where I was and where I needed to go and she kindly pointed out all the “attractions”—the interesting, the lovely, the not-so-interesting and the downright horrific. From there I was off and revising.

Kimi Eisele

Artist, Dancer, Writer, Teacher

Shannon Cain's workshop is for perfect for writers who can blend a rigorous review of each story’s intentions with cordiality, respect, and a sense of humor. Perfect for you, in other words.

Catherine Brown

MFA Warren Wilson College

I just finished an online workshop with Robin Black and Shannon Cain. Insightful critiques, stimulating discussions, and loads of fun without even leaving the house. I highly recommend.

Teresa Shen Swingler


I hate workshops. And I hated the workshops directed by Shannon Cain more than most. But please know that the reason I hate workshops is that they force me to face my writing and my shortcomings as a writer through unbiased eyes, and that is painful. No way around it. I want for my writing to be wonderful and when I am required to see that it’s not—whether I’m missing the mark by an inch or a mile—it hurts. That pain, though, is part of writing seriously, and not at all because Shannon is harsh. Quite the opposite. She is direct, but gentle. She knows the game, knows the writer’s pain and how to minimize it, but also knows how to give each participant what they signed up for. And unlike many in the business of teaching writing, she is completely reliable and responsible. I recommend her workshops to anyone who is serious about writing, beginning or advanced. I suspect you’ll grow to hate her workshops as much as I continue to.

Jeff Wiggins

MFA Vermont College of Fine Arts

I can highly recommend Shannon Cain's online workshops! If you're looking for intelligent conversation and generous feedback and want to be part of a serious writing community for a few weeks, her online master class workshops are the 'place' to be.

Janet Crossen

MFA Warren Wilson College